September 23, 2021
WP Managers Webdesign Cover

Welcome to our new website!

We've been hard at work over the past few months coming up with countless ideas on how to redesign our website so that we can showcase our services and recent work in a much cleaner layout. This also meant we had to learn what to keep off the new website version.. a lot of cutting back on the written content.. but this was a good thing!

We've listened to a lot of feedback over the recent year to realise that sometimes our website can become a little confusing to navigate and sometimes understand and this was also down to the amount of jargon-heavy content we had on each page.

Website Maintenance Plans

We've decided to stop advertising the website maintenance plans on our website moving forward and only focus on the Fully Managed Plan as this has been a great hit with a lot of new customers lately. Don't worry, you can still find the maintenance plans via the client portal.

Portfolio and Reviews

The most painful page to see for us was the portfolio page which didn't quite have everything we wanted on there.. for this reason, we've now added a little more detail to each project we work on from understanding the client, their goals and the final result. Giving you a much better insight into each project we work on and the impact it has on each business. Who doesn't like good results eh?

drafts of website redesign process

Finishing words

Make sure to take a look around our services page and portfolio, we hope you love the new website design and if you have any feedback or found any bugs please reach out to us.

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