UK WordPress Hosting Services

Speed up your WordPress site or online store with our litespeed hosting, we provide UK based hosting at an affordable price.

Fast and reliable WordPress hosting served on Litespeed.

Leverage server-side caching to deliver your WordPress files to your visitors in record time, our TTFB/TTLB speeds ensure that your WordPress website is superfast.

You will have cPanel access giving you the ability to manage Emails, many modules and addon applications whilst also being able to upgrade/downgrade at any time.

SSD Flash Storage & Caged File System.

100Gbps Network / 150Gbps DDOS Protection.

Off-Site Backups & Data Replicated Hourly.

PCI-DDS Scan Compliant.

WordPress Hosting UK

UK Based Cloud Hosting with our Litespeed Web Server

PHP7, Litespeed & cPanel Powered Cloud Hosting
This is the fastest & most versatile combination for WordPress / WooCommerce in terms of speed & reliability.

Free Litespeed Web Server Cache Install
Controlled from the cPanel or via the WordPress Admin, you will have one of the best server-side cache plugins which will help to deliver exceptional TTFB (Time To First & Last Byte) when browsing.
PCI-Compliant, Live Updating & Caged File System
We ensure all of our servers are PCI-Compliant & fully updated, as we provide live security updates via kernel, the server doesn’t require a reboot.. also to ensure your data is protected further we ensure your data is separate from everyone else’s meaning that no longer will another website’s problem, become yours.

Hosting Plans To Choose From

We've put together some affordable plans to help scale your website whilst keeping running costs down.

Starter Hosting Plan

Ideal for startup WordPress websites with little traffic.
2GB SSD Storage
10GB Bandwidth p/m
1 Custom Email Address
Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate
Ticket & Email Support
Free cPanel/Website Migration

Standard Hosting Plan

Ideal for most business websites with additional emails and space.
10GB SSD Storage
25GB Bandwidth p/m
6 Custom Email Addresses
Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate
Ticket & Phone Support
Free cPanel/Website Migration

PRO Hosting Plan

For bigger websites & more traffic, such as eCommerce, CMS & LMSs.
25GB SSD Storage
50GB Bandwidth p/m
12 Custom Email Addresses
More CPU/RAM dedicated
Let’s Encrypt Free SSL Certificate
Ticket & Phone Support
Free cPanel/Website Migration

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your uptime guarantee?

We can guarantee 100% server uptime, even during maintenance we're able to serve your website to visitors without any hiccups.

Can you transfer my website(s) over?

Yes absolutely! We'll be more than happy to schedule in a managed migration providing you can give at least 2-3 days notice. 

Do you provide email addresses? how do they work?

We can provide 'local exchange' email addresses hosted on your cPanel. You can then access the email addresses via your devices/apps and on the browser. You cannot log into Google, Hotmail or Yahoo with these emails. 

What SSL Certificate comes with the hosting?

We provide FREE Let's Encrypt certifications with all of our cPanel accounts however, if your website is eCommerce or has a lot of user functionality we would highly recommend a paid SSL certificate.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my account?

You will have the ability to upgrade/downgrade your account at any given time via the client area or within your cPanel. Please remember you must do this at least 2 weeks prior to the next billing renewal date. 

Do you support PHP 5.2+ ?

We're able to support PHP 5.2+ with hardenedPHP allowing you to run older versions more securely. 

What WordPress versions does the hosting support?

Our hosting isn't limited to the version of WordPress meaning you can run any version essentially. We would of course strongly advise to upgrade to the latest and most secure WordPress versions. 

What happens if my website becomes too slow?

With all of our hosting plans we're able to provide a 'BOOST' addon which will give your account more resources such as RAM and CPU. The upgraded resources will most definitely keep your website running smooth. 

Can you maintain my WordPress website? 

Sadly management is not included in our WordPress hosting plans however, we do provide maintenance plans separately or a 'Fully Managed' plan which combines hosting & maintenance.

Where are you based?

Our WordPress experts are based in Birmingham, West Midlands, although our hosting is suitable for websites across the UK.

Customer Reviews

I've been using WP Managers to host my business website selling PT plans for over 3 years now, they've gone beyond their role as a typical hosting company. 
PT Website Hosting

MTW Training

My business hosting and emails are done through WPM, they've been a great help supporting me on multiple areas and I'm glad to have been with them.
Locksmith website hosting

Midlands auto

I'm so glad to use WPM to host my ecommerce business since moving away from a selling platform, there hasn't been a single hiccup since switching in 2019. Excellent support too!
ecommerce wordpress hosting

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