Webdesign for a PT in Stratford-Upon-Avon

MTW Training covers Stratford-Upon-Avon, Solihull and Warwick with online, 1-to-1 and group personal training, even covering professional wellbeing programmes for workplaces across the areas covered. MTW is solely run by Myles Wood, who is a highly trained PT of more than 10 years and has had the pleasure to work with well-known sportsmen and women from around the UK and also help many others who seek to create a better and healthier lifestyle.

Client's goals

The new website redesign proposed by Myles needed to look modern, responsive and easy to navigate.. allowing potential clients to find out more about who Myles is, what he specialises in and also the services that people and businesses can signup for online. The website needed to allow new clients to have an area to manage their PT plans with the ability to add new client only areas for future growth.

The Result

We utilised WordPress, WooCommerce and Oxygen to build a completely unique website that met all requirements and allowed Myles to onboard new clients when he launched. We integrated google analytics, indexed the website on search engines and helped Myles understand how to use the website's admin area to manage subscriptions. Everything else we keep fully maintained.
MTW Training

A few words from the client

WP Managers has been managing my website for me for the past few years, and already I have noticed a difference in my traffic within my Facebook Page & website viewings! Their services were clear with explaining everything to me in little detail so I could understand how to run my website. When I would struggle to grasp things, their patience is very high! This is perfect when dealing with me as I am not that good when it comes to technology! With my website I was looking to create something where people can visit and purchase my; training programs, sign up for online training, single and group sessions and most importantly for it to be mobile-friendly. With the website's slick design I am very happy. WP Managers were able to then help me with my flaws which was the actual functioning of the website, and ensuring that everything was running smoothly without any interruptions.
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