UK Chauffeur/Travel Webdesign

Aegis Executive Travel provides its valuable customers with the most qualified and experienced chauffeur service. They have all the professional drivers, take great pride in providing excellent customer service and satisfaction. Not to mention their knowledge, experience and personality mean you can sit back, relax and enjoy the view from the safety of one of their luxury vehicles.

Client's goals

When AEGIS Executive approached us we were reluctant to be able to help them create the website they envisioned using a range of high-quality images, professional colours/font and design as well as highlighting key areas of their services and vehicles.

The Result

We quickly got to work taking a look at some of the competition and how different elements stand out and will appeal to the targeted audience. We were happy to use a JS library to enable a section-by-section 'stacking' effect so that each section of the page stands out to the visitor throughout their browsing experience. Once we collected the written content from the client, we were able to start forming each page whilst liaising with the client every step of the way.
AEGIS Executive Travel
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