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Managed WordPress Maintenance Services

Get the most out of your WordPress Website by having it managed and updated regularly by one of our Professional WordPress Managers!

It’s easy to Google some error codes and pretend you’re on top of things, but when it comes down to managing your business, generating sales and taking up your daily admin tasks.. there simply isn’t enough time to maintain your website on top of all this.

We take the headaches out of maintaining your website by simply managing it for you… from Updates, Page/Article Editing to Monthly Reporting and Backups, we have you covered.

Fully Managed WordPress Services

Providing You with Ongoing Website Support 

Dedicated WordPress Management Services

Simply fire over an email with what changes you need doing & we’ll get on the case as soon as we can.

Website Performance Reporting

Visitors don’t like slow websites and so shouldn’t you, this is why we provide performance reports then fix where needed.


Fast Website Issue Fixes, everytime.

We like to be as quick as we can to assist you with anything you need doing to your website. You can email our support team or call us directly.

WordPress Plugin Management

Are you worried when you update your plugins or themes? We take that stress away from you.

Real UP-TIME Monitoring

Want to know when there’s a problem with your website? we’ll alert you as soon as one is found via email and get onto it straight away!

WordPress Website Backups

You’re in safe hands when we maintain your website, providing you with monthly / weekly or even daily backups, so you have a fallback procedure should anything go wrong.

Automated Security checks

We’ll make sure there’s no nasty surprises lurking on your website with our complete security scanning service.


Your Content Managed

Whenever you need to make a change across your website, WP Managers will be able to handle that for you.

Commonly asked Questions

If you maintain my website, what do I need to do?

This is always a question we’d usually answer after looking at the complexity of the website. More than often our clients provide us with new images, testimonials or articles to upload… meaning you only need to source the information and hand it to us, we’ll do the nitty gritty work & provide the reports.

How do you safely update my website without breaking any elements?

With our essential management and fully managed plan we would check the compatibility & create a backup prior to any updates, whereas if you was on the Managed PLUS Plan we would create a clone site to test out any updates before making them Live.

How does the Support Time work?

Each month you would be allocated a set amount of support time, this doesn’t include how long you’re spent on the phone to us.. but even with 1 hour of support per month combined with our superb turn around speed you’ll be able to get a lot of updates done within the month. 

What is On-Page SEO fixes?

We’re happy to run through the simple SEO guidelines to get you started by editing elements such as Images & Media, Compression/Cache, Sitemap Creation & Alt Meta alterations (Page title, description & keyword).

I have a Subscription / other advanced system on my website.

Please contact us so we can look into your website and any other plugins / functions it has, once we’ve audited your website and requirements we’ll be able to point you to the right plan or create one specially for you.

What if I use up my support time but I have a problem with my website?

Any serious problems with your website will be scheduled around current work but will be dealt with, if we feel the issue quires a lengthy process to fix we may charge a flat rate of £10.00 per additional hour. 

Recommended by other UK Businesses


Order now & we’ll get you setup in no time.


Monthly rolling, no contract.


Dedicated Support & website consulting.


Fast UK Based Email & Phone Support.

Loose the stress of maintaining your website & spend more time growing your business.

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