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For MTW Training Solihull

MTW Training offers effective health and Personal
Training sessions within Solihull and surrounding areas.


We have worked with Myles from MTW Training Solihull for a number of months helping him achieve his online goals of setting up a professional website so that visitors that have searched for a personal trainer in solihull/birmingham can visit his website, book a session online or purchase accessories and training packs from his online shop.

We’ve been so happy to work with Myles throughout his online venture and will continue to manage and develop his website for many more years to come!

A few words from Myles.

WP – Managers has being managing my website for me for the past few months, and already I have noticed a difference in my traffic within my Facebook Page & website viewings!
There services was clear with explaining everything to me in little detail so I could understand how to run my website how I want it to be ran. An when I would struggle to grasp things, the companies patience is very high! Which is perfect when dealing with me as I am not that good when it comes to technology, clearly!

With my website I was looking to create something where people can visit and purchase my; training programs, sign up for online training, book in for massages, also book in for personal training sessions with the personal trainers and most importantly for it to be mobile friendly. An with it’s slick design I am very happy. WP Managers was able to then help me with my flaws which was the actual functioning of the website, and ensuring that everything was running smoothly without any interruptions.

Myles Wood