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Takingcare Water Project’s New Website Design

We’re pleased to announce the Launch of Takingcare Water Project and their new Website! It has been a fantastic journey throughout this website project with Kas (the Owner). 

Takingcare was setup to to help fund fresh & clean water wells for the poor and needy in third world countries, whilst also in Remembrance of Shuaib Hussain who dedicated most of his life to helping others. All the donations will go to Kashmir (Pakistan).

Kas provided us with a clear outline for brand colours as well as the website’s design, we needed to capture the audience from the second they land on the page then explain the importance of fresh water & how each donation would help.

The text and images were provided by the client, we then construct the layout, build responsive elements and bring his images & text to life!

This helped complete the website in just 7 days, just in time for their first fundraiser in Luton.

Here’s a few words from Kas from Facebook: