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Midlands Auto Locksmiths BirminghamMidlands Auto Locksmiths have Launched!

We’re pleased to announce the new website for local West Midlands Auto Locksmiths! This eye-attractive one-page website design is built to grab your attention and get straight to the point! 

MAL are Vehicle Locksmiths in the West Midlands that are always on call, helping van/car owners get assess to their vehicles when keys have broken, jammed or fobs are playing up.

For this reason, they wanted a single page design which is easy to navigate, clearly laid out & flowed from section to section.

So with little more said we were able to create this beautiful website which has a navigation menu that links to different headings, whilst fixed to the top of the browser.

Each Section has animated text/images to help interact with the visitor, using Icons and gradient-filled background images that include the brand colours.

This website was built following Responsive & SEO guidelines, so you can view it on any device and it’ll work flawlessly.

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