Website Maintenance is Important
for your Business Now & In The Future

The obvious question to ponder upon; Do I need to maintain my website? The quick answer is YES!

Do you remember when you had your website designed ready for launch? how every single page had to be well structured with fresh, appealing content…

Yet after the big launch, most businesses spend little time updating the website with reviews, images and other engaging content thereon after. 

Let’s think about this… Just like how your car would need petrol and insurance to keep it on the road, Petrol being the Hosting and Insurance being the Maintenance, without these two vital aspects your car won’t work, even if it did work… (with magical fairy dust) and you broke the car, you’d expect your insurance to then protect you & keep you going. 

It’s rare for the motorist (business owner) to also be a mechanic (website designer/developer), so bringing this all back on topic… why would you maintain a website with limited knowledge/experience?

Wouldn’t you rather call up a website expert and let them deal with the nitty-gritty work?

This is why Website Maintenance is forever important in this day and age, allowing you to leave updates, content changes and reporting down to someone who has the time & experience… thus, saving you valuable business time & money. 

If you feel like you have the time to learn about websites and maintaining them, we wouldn’t advise against this… but it’s very rare a business owner would have the time & resources to undertake this long learning curve which often branches into many areas. 


Let’s Get Straight To It! Why Website Maintenance?

  • Updating modules, plugins, themes or snippets of outdated code will prevent your website from becoming vulnerable to online attacks or exploits resulting in data-loss and lack of trust/reliability in your Brand.
  • You’ll want to grow and evolve your website in the near future – This will give visitors a reason to keep coming back, thus increasing the chances of conversions.
  • You’ll guarantee to boost Search Engine Traffic & Rankings should you continue to update quality, meaningful content related to your industry &/or niche. 
  •  Maximise your website’s initial investment – who doesn’t love a good ROI? 

Should You Maintain the Website? 

There’s always a right and a wrong answer, so this one would fall down to you and your business’s situation… for that reason we’ll explain if you should or shouldn’t maintain your own website: 

Yes, You Should Maintain Your Website – If you already have a technical background working on the WWW and perhaps, you have enough time on your hands to learn how to maintain your website… we would suggest that you learn the simple web languages of HTML & CSS, which are commonly used throughout most websites across the internet.

You should invest time and money into learning resources revolving around website development and/or maintenance (a commonplace would be Udemy or YouTube) to understand the fundamentals of your CMS and/or coding language. Also consider using a test website/development server to try out new techniques and processes of backing up your website, increasing page speed as well as improving on-page SEO… to save your poor website from plenty of odd changes.

On the other hand, No. You Shouldn’t Maintain Your Website – Simply taking into account the sheer amount of time and effort it would take you as a business owner to maintain every aspect of your website… whilst also growing your business, for this reason on its own, it would be cost-efficient to look at getting a professional on board to maintain your website. 

An experienced website professional would have prior knowledge and hard-set procedures/processes which will make maintaining a website easy for them to undertake, understanding what industry-standard tools are needed to get the job done quickly and efficiently.


How WP Managers can help Maintain Your Website

With our FULLY MANAGED Plan, you get more than just website/WordPress Hosting.

We add real business value for growing enterprises by also maintaining your website for you.

Taking away the hassles of having to update themes, plugins or update blog posts, pages and products.. we have it covered!

Simply submit a ticket or call us directly and we’ll get on the case for you.

Allowing you to focus on your business whilst we maintain your website for you.

Find out more about our Fully Managed WordPress Service