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A Broken or Outdated Website

Your website has old code, broken themes / features, out-of-date pictures and text etc.

Website isn't Responsive

Sadly, older websites weren’t built with Tablets or Mobiles in mind, don’t miss out on vital traffic, 52% of it is mobile..

Doesn't Reflect Your Brand At All

Different colours, wrong font? Small detail like these act as a crucial asset for  securing clients & building trust.

Lack of contact Call-to-Actions

Well placed call-to-actions & contact forms,  all help convert visitors, make it easy for them to contact you.

Lack of Traffic / Wrong Clients

Your website has suffered with lack of traffic, even when you do attract them, they’re the wrong clients.

1. You Should Consider Landing Pages for Marketing Campaigns

When it comes down to the website design & how many pages you should have, the general rule of thumb is that you have at least 4-6 key pages such as; Home, About, Services, Testimonials, Blog and Contact. This is a good start, but to increase the value of your website you should also have specific Landing Pages which can be used for PPC / Social campaigns as well as Sales Funnels.. Setting up landing pages which you can use to target the correct audiences will most definitely increase your ROI over standard pages.

Here are some examples of good Landing Pages to fire up your inspiration; PayPal Business  –  Uber   –  Shopify Free Trial –  LinkedIn.


2. Keep Your Website Updated with Latest Trends  & Technologies

Today’s Trends and Tastes are shifting at a fast rate, meaning your business also needs to embrace at least some of the latest trends & technologies in order to keep your visitors attracted and engaged. Good examples of this include the update from HTTP to HTTPS whereas your website’s structure and content must be secured at all times, another trend update is the use of Google Fonts and Fancy Js Animations across your website.. Which is still relevantly new considering Chrome is one of the best supporters of newer web technologies unlike other successors (Edge, Firefox & Safari).

Having a website built on a leading content management system like WordPress or Magento allows you to easily keep up-to-date with some of the latest technologies as they’re released,


3. Build Trust & Domain Authority with Fresh Content & Media

Having new, fresh content updated on a regular basis can sound like a time-consuming task, it should never stop at just having a new website design. If you wish to build trust between you & your visitors then new content is the way to go, in most cases a visitor will be looking through your recent testimonials, pictures and blog posts… So if you haven’t updated your website in months or years, you would definitely leave your visitor filled with doubt & questions.

Moving to a more technical aspect of updating content on your website, it has been proven that your website’s Domain Authority will gradually increase your Rank in your industry.

How, might you ask? Google’s Search Algorithm constantly searches for the most relevant and useful information related to the keywords that were searched, then assess your web page based on a range of factors before placing you in a relevant spot on the search result – this will change over time so it’s always recommended you re-visit your old pages and articles to keep them up-to-date.


5. Increased SEO from A better site structure,  Internal Linking & correct Meta Data

When discussing the possibility of upgrading your website design there’s always a hurdle often left till last, although on-page should be considered from the get-go. Having a professional SEO audit, which is used throughout the website project will help you decide on cleaner / easy to navigate menu, the flow of content, structure and well-placed links (internal link from page-to-page)… Right down to the size, description & file names of media you upload on each page (for keyword targeting).


6. Ability to monitor your audience & track conversions with Website Analytics.

Most of the time older websites don’t have fancy tracking built-in – if they do then it’s most likely old out-dated tracking codes which don’t do the job very well. If you own a WordPress website you might find that because you haven’t updated your plugin version, but you can’t because the novice developer built your website without a child theme.. Either way, having the ability to track your visitors is easy to implement and vital in today’s marketing, especially if you wish to track your ROI from online marketing campaigns. You will have the ability to track live visitors, demographics, bounce rates, engagement reports, traffic source and a host of other amazing marketing data!


why you should update your website  Did this help clear up why you should update your website?

  Hopefully it did,  as you can see there’s certainly a lot more to think about prior to starting your website re-design. If your website is outdated, old and no longer serves its purpose.. doesn’t follow the latest trends or keeping up with your Brand’s image you should start planning your re-design as soon as possible… we can’t stress enough the importance of why you should update your website.


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