Improved Client Area Design

We couldn’t let our front-facing website get all the lovely attention with recent updates, so we decided to also give the entire Client Area and ordering pages a new breath of life. Every single page has a new design allowing you as the client to navigate throughout the services, support centre and invoices with absolute ease.

The client area is where you can order services, manage those services and easily get in touch with our support team should you need to… and when you’re ready to place an order you can easily create an account via Google+, Facebook or Email, alternatively you can sign up here.

New Services Now Provided

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a handful of new website hosting and management services we now provide for all of our clients, as listed below:

Domain Registrations

You can now register Domain Names with WP Managers from Popular extensions such as .com, .org etc to gTLD, ccTLD, Business and Geographic based domains. 

The FULLY Managed WordPress Plan

This Plan includes WordPress Management & Hosting Combined, leaving the nitty-gritty work to WPM.

Essential Management Plan

 Already have your own hosting but need a WordPress expert to maintain the website? 

Global CDN Service (asset delivery)

Accelerate your customer’s experience on your website by offloading bulky static assets, allowing the CDN to deliver the assets from globally positioned points which are closer to your visitors. 

Thanks for sticking around!

We’d like to thank all of our existing clients for sticking around with us over the years, you’re the sole reason for our growth &  your success, so every update and added service will be added with your needs in mind. If you have any other suggestions or would like to see added services in the future open a ticket up and let us know. 

Over and out, from the WP Managers Support Team.